The Gates at Savannah Quarters community was developed with the intent that homes harmonize with each other and present a pleasing and consistent style. To ensure the preservation of the existing design and to prevent the introduction of design that is not in keeping with the community theme, the Board of Directors and the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) hereby recognize and adopt the style and form of the existing community’s Architectural standards as required by the governing documents. This standard shall be in effect until new guidelines and standards are adopted and published.

The Architectural Control Committee is responsible for reviewing all Architectural Modification Requests made by residents for improvements to the house’s exterior or lot. The Board also reviews Architectural Guidelines and recommends changes or additions to the Board of Directors for adoption.

The ACC has the right to modify, revise, add, delete or make any changes to these guidelines by joint resolution with the Board of Directors.


BEFORE STARTING A PROJECT, the ACC must approve Exterior Additions, Modifications, or Structural changes made to your property.