Clubhouse Post Inspection Checklist

To Be Completed By An Authorized Gates Representative (Sentry Mgt. or Board of Directors)

Clubhouse Post Inspection Checklist

Kitchen Trash/Recycling bins found empty?

Dining tables and chairs clean and free of damage?

The Microwave, Refrigerator, and Sink were clean upon arrival?

Banquet Tables/Chairs accounted for? (Tables: 3 – 8ft, 1 – 6ft, and 2 – 4ft. Folding Chairs 54)

All furniture returned to its original placement.

Is the Furniture & Carpet free of stains?

Were Walls, Base Boards, Doors, and Door Frames free of damage/scuff marks?

Were the floors found in acceptable condition? (Swept, Mopped or Vacuumed)

Are there any signs of previous decorations? (This includes unauthorized methods to hang decorations. Such as push pins, nails, tape, etc.)

Were the toilets and the mens urinal found in working condition?

Were the Restrooms clean and free of damage?

Chair Cart - are there signs of the chair cart being moved? Such as door frame or wall damage.

A/C & Heat (A/C set to 76 during the Summer and Heat set to 66 during the Winter)

Lights turned off

Doors locked & keys returned to the lockbox. Leave the pool deck double doors unlocked during pool season.

Condition of Clubhouse

Did the Renter submit a pre-rental inspection checklist?

If yes, did they notate any issues?

If applicable, have photos been taken of damage or violation of rules?

Is the Security Deposit being returned?

Based on the Clubhouse’s condition, will the Homeowner or Tenant be allowed to rent the Clubhouse for future events?

Thank you for inspecting the Clubhouse!