Clubhouse Pre Rental Inspection Checklist

Fill out the form below to note any issues with the Clubhouse. 

The Gates at Savannah Quarters Property Owners Association has created a checklist to allow our homeowners and tenants to document any previous damage or concerns with the Clubhouse.

This form must be completed before your event. If we do not receive a pre-rental checklist within the allowed time frame, you agree to the condition and assume all risk. Which may impact your security deposit.

Please return all furniture to its original location. Also, please do not drag/push the furniture, as this may cause damage to the legs.

Please note we are aware of the minor scratches on the dining tables in the main room.

After your event, please remember to complete the cleaning checklist.

Clubhouse Pre Rental Inspection Checklist

Kitchen Trash/Recycling bins found empty?

Dining tables and chairs clean and free of damage? (We are aware of the scratches and iron marks)

The Microwave, Refrigerator, and Sink were clean upon arrival?

I acknowledge there are Banquet Tables/Chairs available for use. (Tables: 3 – 8ft, 1 – 6ft, and 2 – 4ft. Folding Chairs 54)

Is the Furniture & Carpet free of stains?

Were Walls, Base Boards, Doors, and Door Frames free of damage/scuff marks? If no, notate and send photos to and

Were the floors found in acceptable condition? (Swept, Mopped or Vacuumed)

Are there any signs of previous decorations? (This includes unauthorized methods to hang decorations. Such as push pins, nails, tape, etc.)

Were the Restrooms clean and free of damage?

Were the toilets and the mens urinal found in working condition?

Chair Cart - If moved, I will be careful not to damage the door or door frame. I understand if I cause damage I am responsible.

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